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I can be reached during the following hours: Monday - Saturday 9AM to 5PM. Office: 609-859-3922, Celluar: 609-634-6513


Polygraph Examinations are administered using the latest computerized polygraph system



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Joseph A. Rosario Forensic Polygraph Services, LLC
Joseph A. Rosario Forensic Polygraph Services, LLC
Joseph A. Rosario Forensic Polygraph Services, LLC
Joseph A. Rosario Forensic Polygraph Services, LLC
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Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pain to bring it to light

- George Washington 





Joseph A. Rosario is a Spanish speaking polygraph examiner with over 30 years of experience. Mr. Rosario conducts specific issue polygraph examinations in the States of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware.


Joseph A. Rosario administers polygraph examinations for criminal defense attorneys, government agencies and the courts.


Joseph A. Rosario also conducts post conviction sex offender testing (PCSOT) for government agencies and sex offender treatment professionals.


Joseph A. Rosario is certified by the American Polygraph Association to conduct post conviction sex offender testing (PCSOT).


Joseph A. Rosario is available to review polygraph examinations conducted by private and government polygraph examiners to ensure the polygraph was conducted according to established polygraph standards and protocols.


Joseph A. Rosario has testified in the New Jersey Superior Courts as a polygraph expert.


During his 25+ years with the State of New Jersey Office of the Public Defender, Joseph A. Rosario contributed to helping dismiss criminal charges against many clients who were either mistakenly or falsely accused. These charges included Murder, Robbery, Sexual Assaults, Aggravated Assault and Theft.


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